Being a Good Father Takes Time

Boating - Version 2

Being a good father is really simple. It doesn’t take a lot of money. Nor does it take a lot of practice.

But it does take time.

The time a dad spends with his kids is far more valuable than most anything he could buy them.

Kids are wiser than we think – especially teens. They know when they’re being bought. When I taught middle school, I saw a wealth of kids whose parents spent a fortune on them – but scarcely any time. That came across clearly in their insolent behavior.

The good thing about being a good dad is that it doesn’t cost money. In fact, money can be an obstacle to good parenting. It can get in the way. Work – electronics – stuff – can take the place of enjoying your kids’ company.

What kids really want is your time. They want to sit with you on a dock or at the table or under the stars. They want to play board games or go camping or repair the car with you – or whatever. What they want is you around.

What they really want is to know that they’re important to you. That they matter. That they’re worth your time.

Give them your time. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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